Yemen’s GPC Prominent Figures Side with Tujan Albukhaiti

(Republican Yemen) ___ Prominent figures in General People’s Congress (GPC), a well-known party founded by former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, have expressed full solidarity with Yemeni student Tujan Al-Bakhiti, daughter of politician and writer Ali Albkhaiti, with regards to being mistreated by her school ___ Aljazeera School ___ in Amman, Jordan’s capital.

It all started when Tujan’s school posted a statement on Facebook accusing the minor student of spreading “toxic thoughts” and offending Islam.

This triggered a backlash against the school for accusing the young Yemeni girl under the pretext of defending Islam.

Dr. Abubaker Alqirbi, former Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs and Assistant Secretary-General of GPC,  denounced the way the school dealt with Tujan, saying that it should not have prevented the girl from studying.

“The way in which the school dealt with Tujan lacks the educational approach,” Dr. Alqirbi wrote on Tweeter. “The decision will not solve the problem with what is being posted on social media, and it is not acceptable, given the fact that we live in a world that protects freedom of expression and thought.”

He added that the girl must not be held accountable for what her father posts online.

Yasser Alawadi, a senior leader in GPC, said for his part that he believes Tujan will get justice, for she lives in Jordan, which is a country that abides by laws and values rights and freedoms.

“We are all by your side, my daughter. Don’t be frightened nor do you feel worried. We are proud of you,  and we support your father as we are against violating freedoms,” Alawadi tweeted.

Sheikh Saleh Abu Awja, a member of GPC, also expressed absolute solidarity with Albukhaiti’s daughter and condemned Al Jazeera School for preventing the Yemeni girl from going to the school, noting that it violates all laws

“There is a need to stop the unfair campaign of incitement against the girl,” said Abu Awja.

Tujan’s father expressed his genuine gratitude to the GPC’s leaders for siding with rights and freedoms.

“What I admire in GPC’s leaders is that they side with rights and freedoms, especially those subjects that turn to be controversial.”

Mr. Albukhaiti described the GPC as a party with a clear vision, saying that it is a “civil party with no religious ideologies.”

He also praised Dr. Alqirbi’s and Sheikh Abu Awja’s tweets, affirming that freedom of expression and thought is the core issue as summed up by veteran politician Dr. Al-Qirbi.

“Solidarity is not with Tujan Al-Bakhiti as a person, but with the right to express our opinions as freedom has become the world’s main issue and the way of life for the new generation, especially women,” said Albukhaiti.

He thanked Yemeni politician Yasser Al-Awadi, asserting that he has a clear vision and courage, which enables him to accurately define his stance on any issue without fear of any misinterpretation.

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