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Over 200 people died of H1N1 virus, mostly in Houthi-held Sana’a

(Republican Yemen) ___ 26 people have died of H1N1, a mixture of swine, bird and human viruses, and 550 cases have been confirmed to be infected with the virus in three weeks in the rebel-held capital Sana’a,  a medical source said.

According to Dr. Waleed Althghairi, a doctor at Al Thoura General Hospital, over 200 people have died and more than 6000 thousand cases have been reported to be infected with the virus since January 2019.

The onset of the epidemic is set to kill hundreds of Yemeni citizens amid continued disregard of Houthi leaders.

So far, the de facto authority of Houthi rebels has kept silent and made no comments on the horrific numbers of deaths and infected cases.

Jordan, Qatar, and Yemen identified their first cases of the H1N1 flu virus in early 2019. However, the flu virus appears to spread at a rapid pace in Yemen, claiming hundreds of lives, especially in Yemen’s capital Sana’a that is controlled by the Iran-backed rebels.

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