Radar: 1/3 Houthis Fighters are Under-age Teens

Rights Radar said in a press statement that under-age teens make up roughly a third of the total number of Houthi fighters, noting that the phenomenon of recruiting children has reached an unprecedented level in Yemen.

The Netherlands-based foundation said it, in association with other local and international organizations, has documented enormous cases of child recruitment and accused the militia of exploiting under-age teens ___ most of them under 16 years old ___ and pushing them to the front lines.

The rights group stressed the importance of gathering evidence as well as documenting violations of human rights so that the perpetrators do not get away with their crimes.

It also called on the UN and its Human Rights Council to take a firm stance against violations committed by Houthis so that they don’t go further committing crimes and violations against their own people.

A recent local report said the Houthi militia have committed over 30000 violations against people in the four-year besieged city of Taiz, Yemen’s third-largest city.

According to YCMHRV, over 15 thousand civilians have been killed and other 22 thousand wounded since late 2014 when the Iran-allied Houthi insurgents stormed Yemen’s capital Sana’a and staged a coup.

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