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Houthis Reject UN Call to Open Humanitarian Corridors in Taiz

Houthi rebels have rejected the UN call to lift the four-year siege imposed on Taiz and open humanitarian corridors to the city.

A UN delegation, headed by Deputy Country Director of World Food Programme (WFP) Ali Redah, visited on Saturday the besieged city of Taiz and met with officials in the city, Al Khalij News reported.

The Deputy Country Director called on Houthis to lift the imposed siege and allow to open humanitarian corridors to salvage the suffering of the people in the city, yet the Deputy’s call was turned down by the rebels, according to the source.

Last month Houthi rebels said they were willing to open humanitarian corridors to the besieged city of Taiz but nothing has been done since then.

Taiz, Yemen’s third largest city, has been besieged by the Houthi militia since 2015, a siege that causes a catastrophic humanitarian situation in the city.

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