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An eighteenth-year girl lost her leg to Houthi-laid landmine in Al Dalea

An eighteenth-year-old girl had her leg amputated on Saturday after stepping on a Houthi-laid landmine in the southern province of Al Dalea.

Victim Eatisam Ali Saleh al-Hashidi was critically injured when a landmine planted by Iran-aligned Houthi militia went off while she was cutting grass in Al Jam area in the province of Al Dalea, local sources said.

A medical source said the girl arrived at one of the hospitals in Al Dalea province, sustaining critical injuries then was moved to Aden — Yemen’ interim capital— to receive better treatment.

Houthi rebels have planted an estimated one million mines in large swaths of Yemen. Consequently, innocent civilians fall victim to these mines almost on a daily basis.

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