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1800 abductees held in Houthi-run prisons, says Association of Abductees’ Mothers

Association of Abductees’ Mothers, an independent association, said that there are as many as 1800 abductees held in Houthi-run Incarcerations as well as 140 abductees who are forcibly disappeared in the interim capital of Yemen, Aden.

The association said in a statement during a sit-in that was staged in front of the office of the High Commission for Human Rights in Sana’a that there are as many as 1800 abductees held in prisons controlled by Houthi rebels, 450 of them have been held for more than 4 years.

The independent association also said that there are about 140 abductees held by southern military separatists in Aden, 46 of whom have been forcibly disappeared for almost 3 years.

The association called on the UN and the High Commission to practice pressure to release the abductees and end their misery.

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