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Abductee Died in Houthi-run Prison in Al-Baida Province

An abductee died on Monday after being held in a Houthi-run prison for three years in the province of Al-Baida, central Yemen

Matloob Mousa Mohammed had been abducted and held in prison by Iranian-backed militia for three years where he was believed to endure brutal torture in Houthi-controlled Incarcerations, local sources said.

According to the sources, Houthi rebels informed Matloob’s family about his death in prison, without giving any further details on the reason for his death or whether his body will be handed to his family as to make a burial ceremony for him.

Many prisoners, abductees, and detainees — most of whom imprisoned on baseless charges — have died under cruel torture in Houthi-run incarcerations since the rebels stormed Yemen’s capital in September 2014.

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