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Houthis Accused of Impeding Deploying Monitors in Hodeidah

Iranian-backed Houthi rebels have impeded the deployment of monitors to the east of the port city of Hodeidah, a day after the UN Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) monitoring the withdrawal of the warring forces started deploying monitors from both parties in the outskirts of the city.

Military sources in the joint pro-government forces said that the Houthi militia prevented the RCC team, headed by Indian Lieutenant General Abhijit Guha, from leaving their ship so that they don’t move to the meeting point in the east of the city to begin deploying more monitors from both sides.

Spokesperson for the popular resistance Sadiq Dowaid reiterated that the Houthis have no true will to make peace.

“This proves Houthis’ ill intention in hampering any efforts of paving the way to peacemaking,” Dowaid tweeted on Twitter.

He said that the UN should take a firm stance against the presence of militias that hampered the UN Redeployment Committee from reaching the meeting point that was previously agreed upon which clearly shows “their anti-peace behavior as they constantly breach any deals intended to make peace.”

The Redeployment Coordination Committee started on Saturday to deploy monitors from both parties outside the flashpoint city of Hodeidah to strengthen the ceasefire around the city and stop any violations, yet it was unable to deploy more monitors today.

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