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Houthis Intend to Deport Baha’is, Confiscate Their Properties

Baha’i prominent leader Hamid Haydara who is sentenced to death by the Houthis’ criminal court

Yemeni Activist and spokesperson of the Baha’i in Sanaa Abdullah Yahya Al Olify has revealed that Iran-backed Houthis intend to deport followers of the religious sect known as Bahaism and confiscate their properties.

Al Olify reiterated that the so-called Prosecution Department of Houthis recommended that Baha’is be deported as well as confiscating their properties .

He also said that the Houthi-run Prosecution Department also demanded the confiscation of Hamid Haydara’s properties, a prominent leader of the faith who is sentenced to death by the Houthis’ criminal court in Sanaa and is still held in prison since 2014.

52-year-old Mr. Haydara was charged with apostasy, espionage and collaborating with foreign entities, but the trial overlooked evident that he endured severe torture while in Houthis’ prisons.

It was no longer after storming Yemen’s capital, Sana’a and staging a coup again the internationally recognized government in 2014 that the rebels began cracking down on the Bahai’s for their political beliefs by shutting down all the organizations affiliated with Baha’is in Sana’a as well as prohibiting the practice of Bahaism in Sana’a,

Bahaism, which originated in Iran in the 19th century and spread across the world, is a faith that believes in core principles such as universal peace and acceptance of all religions as manifestations of one God.

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