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Clashes Erupt South Taiz, Governor’s Two Guards Killed

Clashes erupted on Thursday in Al Turba town, south Taiz, killing two guards of the Governor of Taiz, Nabil Shamsan, and wounding four others.

According to local sources, it all started in a quarrel between one member of Taiz Governor’s guards and another solider from the 17th Brigade leading to clashes that killed two guards and wounded four others.

“Tension is tightening in the town amid sporadic clashes as the two sides amassing troops,” a resident said on condition of anonymity.

In Al Berain, a vital area that links Taiz and Al Turba, forces affiliated with Al Islah party and Abu Alabass Battalion, Salafis backed by the United Arab Emirates, exchanged artillery fire, eyewitnesses said.

Al Turba has been witnessing escalating tension since UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council(STC), led by Hani Ben Brik, a Salafi leader, ousted the internationally recognized government from the port city of Aden.

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