Crimes and Violations

Houthis released 270 detainees, some of them disabled due to brutal torture

Iran-backed Houthi rebels announced on Monday they released 290 detainees, saying it was a statement of goodwill. However, many of the detainees released are in dire straits due to torture in rebel-held prisons.

Abdulrahman Omar is an old man who, prior to his detention, enjoyed good health but left Houthi-controlled prisons in a very deteriorating health situation.

Shohood Organization for human rights accused the militia of atrocities against detainees and called on the world to confront the rebels on the unprecedented crimes they have committed.

The organization said that Abdulrahman is another victim of torture inside prisons affirming it is a flagrant violation of freedom and human rights covenants.

On September 7, 2019, the old man was subject to so cruel torture that he passed out, had a stroke, and became paralyzed ever since, according to the organization.

It demanded the prosecution of the perpetrators who committed these crimes and a firm stance against the militia who oversees these atrocities.

On Sunday, a video was posted showing Abdullah Alshananfi, a civilian who was forcibly disappeared by Houthi rebels, in a deteriorating situation after the rebels released him along with other civilian abductees through a prisoner exchange process.

Video: An abductee released in a bad condition due to torture in Houthi-run prisons

International news media rushed to report Houthis announcement regarding the release of 270 detainees, yet no one bothered to check or require information about the health status of these detainees.

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