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1230 Houthi-laid Mines Destroyed in Al Jawf

Engineering units of the National Program for Handling Mines (NPHM) and MASAM, the Saudi Project for Landmines Clearance in Yemen, destroyed on Monday large quantities of mines and unexploded ordnance planted by Houthi militia in Al Jawf province, north Yemen.

Director-General of the National Program Col. Ameen Al Aqili said that as many as 1230 landmines and explosive ordnance were destroyed in Al Jawf province.

“Th mines destroyed had been removed by the engineering units of NPHM and MASAM in the districts of Alhazm and Al Ghail west Al Jawf province,” Co. Al Aqili said.

He also said there are similar mine-destroying operations to take place in Mrib and Shabwa provinces.

Hundreds of civilians were reported to have been killed or maimed due to mine explosions which the rebels laid in non-conflict zones, such as roads, farms, and populated areas.

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