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Fuel Shortage Hits Sana’a, Black Market Thrives

Fuel Shortage Hits Sana'a,
A picture taken by Khaled Abdullah, Reuters Photographer, shows drivers waiting for days in lines as far as the eye can see.

Sana’a is witnessing an acute fuel shortage, a crisis created willfully by Houthi-controlled Oil Company, whereas prices get four times higher in the black market that is believed to be run by Houthi leading figures.

In a report conducted by a Parliamentary Committee that made field visits to facilities of the Oil Company said there were about 21 trucks full of oil carrying about two million liters of gasoline and parking next to a facility of the Oil Company in Alsabah area, west Sana’a.

The report indicated that the fuel crisis was made intentionally for unclear reasons.

Member of Parliament Ahmed Hashed accused the Oil Company of creating a fuel crisis to help Houthi leading figures make profits at the expense of the helpless civilians.

“The black market is merciless and civilians are the ones who fall victim to this crisis while Houthi de facto authority makes sure that the administration of the Oil Company remains in control,” MP Ahmed Hashed tweeted last week.

Fuel is desperately needed not just for cars but also for water pumps, hospital generators and to transport goods around a country where millions are on the brink of famine.

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