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STC Militants Storm Houses of Government Military Commanders, Abduct Others

Militants of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) launched the past two days security raids on homes of military commanders loyal to the internationally recognized Yemen’s government and abducted others in the southern provinces of Aden and Abyan.

Local sources said the STC militias stormed on early Saturday the residence of pro-government Col. Khaled Al-Zamki, chief of operations of the government’s 115th Brigade, in Khor Maksr district in the port city of Aden,

Nearly 20 military vehicles were used for the security raid whereby the militants stormed the house at 4:00 am and looted content of the house, a local source reported.

On Thursday, armed groups affiliated with the so-called Security Belt broke into Col. Jalal Maqtaa’s house in the neighborhood of Al-Memdara, northeast Aden under the pretext of suspecting weapons to be stored inside.

“They stormed the house searching for weapons but found nothing,” an eyewitness said on condition of anonymity because of fear for his safety.

According to the eyewitness, the gunmen involved in the break-in were seen driving two cars that were in the backyard of Colonel Maqtaa’s house, carrying some furniture and possessions on them.

In Abyan province, STC gunmen kidnapped on Tuesday a commander of the bodyguard to the Minister of Interior, Al-Khadr Jadeeb, his brother and two of his escorts.

No comment has been made by the STC or its affiliated militia on the arrests so far.

STC militias have been carrying out raids on homes of military commanders loyal to the legitimate government and northern citizens claiming they have information that there are weapons inside their homes but then leave carrying the commanders’ belongings.

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