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Arab Parliament Calls for Protecting Yemeni MPs from Houthi Violations

By Asharq Al-Awsat

Arab Parliament Speaker, Dr. Mishaal al-Salami, has rejected the farcical trials and the unconstitutional and illegal measures adopted by the Houthi terrorist militias against the Yemeni parliament speaker and MPs, who have rejected the coup.

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Salami condemned the Iranian-backed militias for withholding and seizing the money and property of the speaker and 34 MPs, who had taken part in the parliamentary session held in Seiyun city in April.

“What the militias have done is a flagrant violation of laws, charters, international norms, UN resolutions and international treaties and a clear violation of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s system,” Salami stressed in a press statement.

He urged the United Nations, represented by its Secretary-General and special envoy to Yemen, to take immediate and urgent action and force the Houthis to stop these illegal measures against elected members, who have parliamentary immunity.

Salami also stressed the need to take necessary measures to provide legal protection to the speaker and members of parliament.

Authorities subject to the Houthis in Sanaa have proceeded in prosecuting 35 deputies after charging them with treason and collaborating with foreign countries. They have issued orders to seize their properties.

The militias had forced its deputies in Sanaa to lift immunity off 35 deputies loyal to the legitimate government following the Seiyun parliament meeting that assigned a new presidential body. Leading General People’s Congress member MP Sultan al-Burkani was elected speaker.

Since taking over Sanaa, the militias have sought to terrorize their opponents through various means possible, including looting their money and homes and holding unlawful trials to convict them.

The majority of Yemeni deputies have been able to leave Sanaa in recent years and join the legitimate government.

Dozens of deputies are still, however, subject to the Houthis in Sanaa, including former parliament speaker Yahya al-Ra’i, who continues to hold illegal sessions.

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