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Houthi Rebels Stormed a Yemeni MP’s House, Expelled His Family

Iran-backed Houthi rebels broke into the house of Member of Parliament Ahmed al-Asbahi, kicked his family out, and confiscated his possessions in rebel-held capital Sana’a, local sources said on Wednesday.

MP Ahmed Saif Hashed said the militia stormed Mr. al-Asbahi’s house and forcibly got him and his family out of their house.

Member of Parliament Ahmed al-Asbahi
Member of Parliament Ahmed al-Asbahi whose house was stormed by Houthi rebels

“They stormed the house and got them out of it by force without the knowledge of pro-Houthis Attorney General who later learned about the incident but did nothing,” MP Ahmed Saif Hashed said.

This coincided with a verdict issued by a Houthi court to seize properties of 35 members of the parliament who are loyal to the internationally recognized Yemeni government.

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