Houthi Rebels Strike Major Saudi Oil Field, Causing Gas Fire

August 17 (Republican Yemen) ___ Iranian-backed Houthi rebels launched drone attacks Saturday on Shaybah oil field in eastern Saudi Arabia, one of the kingdom’s largest oil fields.

The attacked caused a limited fire at a gas plant but had no impact on oil production, state-run oil company Saudi Aramco said.

The company said in a statement that their response team controlled a limited fire this morning at the Shaybah and there were no injuries or interruptions to oil operations.

The Houthis said Saturday that they had targeted Shaybah with 10 drones. They said the attack was their largest of its kind on the kingdom.

Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih described Shaybah as a “vital facility”.

“The target of this attack is the safety of global oil supply, not just the kingdom; it constitutes a threat to the global economy,” he said in comments published by the official Saudi Press Agency.

Riyadh has accused Tehran of providing Houthi rebels with the missiles and drones used to attack Saudi cities, a charge denied by both Houthis and Iran.

The oil field at Shaybah is just a few kilometers (miles) from the border of the United Arab Emirates and some 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) from rebel-held territory in Yemen.

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