Video: Houthi rebels target an industrial facility in Hodeidah for the second time in a week

Houthi rebels targeted on Friday a warehouse of a paper factory in Ikhwan Thabet Complex south the key port city of Hodeidah a few days after shelling a dairy factory of the same industrial facility.

Video: Houthis Targeted Dairy Factory with 4 Mortars, One Worker Died

Workers in the complex said, according to Al-Arabia Net, that the militia showered the warehouse with mortar shells, causing a tremendous fire to break out which destroyed the entire warehouse.

“Firefighters of the complex rushed to the scene of the accident to extinguish the flames caused by mortar shells launched by the rebels but to no avail,” a worker said on condition of anonymity because of fear for his safety.

The militia targeted the warehouse after they had launched mortar attacks last Tuesday on the production lines of a dairy factory in the same industrial complex, the media center of the joint forces reported.

 Video: Houthis target 22 May Hospital, Fire Breaks out

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