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Houthis Continue to Slaughter Yemeni Children

six children killed and scores wounded this week

July 31 (Republican_Yemen)__Iran-aligned Houthi rebels have been committing inhuman crimes, on a daily basis, against innocent children in different Yemeni provinces.

This week, six children were killed and scores wounded by the Houthi use of artillery, mortar shells, mines, and sniper shots.

Falling victim to mines and snipers

In Lahj province, 15-year-old Suleiman Abdulhakim was shot dead today by a Houthi sniper stationed in al-Ahkoom front of al-Makaterah district, about 50 kilometers north Yemen’s interim capital Aden, September Net reported.

Sulieman, 15 years old, was shot dead by a Houthi sniper
Sulieman, 15 years old, was shot dead by a Houthi sniper

This is the second crime in a week in the same area after a child named Hesham al-Darbi was also killed by sniper of Houthi rebels.

According to the source, the child was herding cattle in a mountainous area before being shot by a Houthi sniper.

In Al-Bayda province, a nine-year-old child sustained on Wednesday serious injuries caused by an explosion of a landmine laid by the rebels.

Local sources said the landmine detonated when Abdulwahed Nasser Almutawea, 9, unknowingly walked over it while he was, like the other victim, herding cattle in Qania area.

Houthi shelling claims more lives

In the besieged city of Taiz, Houthis targeted Alhamira neighborhood in Sala district which resulted in the injury of 5 children.

The following day the rebels launched indiscriminate shelling on the populated area of Al-Rawda west Taiz city  killing three and wounding two others, a man and another kid.

Note: Republican Yemen has an appalling picture that shows how the mortar shell wiped out the head of 15-month-old Zakaria Khalid and his sister, Kholood, who died two days later.

Meanwhile, Zakaria Ahmed Jaber, 6, and Hiam Badr Ahmed, 12, were wounded when the militia targeted their village in Al-Tuhita district, south the port city of Hodeidah, with mortar shells.

Click here to watch the video.

Such increasing atrocious crimes raise questions of UN unjustified silence and failing to even condemn the Houthi militia for the war crimes they commit on a daily basis

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