Yemen Gov’t: UN Silence Led Houthis to Committing Unprecedented Crimes

Yemen’s internationally recognized government said on Tuesday that the UN’s lack of condemnation of Houthi crimes baved the way for the rebels to continue their atrocious crimes against Yemenis, the lastest was carrying out a rocket attack on a busy market in the northern province of Saada that killed 10 and injured dozens of civilians.

“The UN or the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths unfortunately is not condemning this crime, they are ignoring the terrorist acts carried out by the Houthis,” Hamza Al Kamaly, Yemen’s deputy youth minister, told The National.

Since the onset of the devastaing war that left millions of Yemenies on the brink of starvation, the rebels have killed thousands of innocent Yemenis, the official said.

“The UN is allowing the Houthis to kill civilians without commenting on their heinous acts,” Mr. Al Kamaly said.

“The time has come for the international community to take a clear stance against the rebels,” he said,

Information Minister Moammar Al Eryani wrote on Twitter yesterday that the Houthis had fired Katyusha rockets at the market, killing 10 civilians and injuring 20.

“I call upon the Intl community, the UN and the UN Secretary General to condemn this heinous crime and to designate the Houthi militias as a terrorist organisation,” Mr Al Eryani wrote.

The crimes committed by the militias against civilians is a punishment “for the position they have taken against the rebels and for their support towards the Coalition”, Mr Al Eryani said.

The Arab coalition, for its part, called the attack a massacre against innocent civilians.

“Coalition forces were working with tribal leaders in the province to transfer injured civilians to the city of Jazan in Saudi Arabia,” Coalition spokesman Turki Al Malki said.

“The attack carried out by the Houthis on Al Thabit market is a terrorist act to spite Yemenis and the tribes of Al Thabit.”

Reports say it is it is still not clear which of the warring parties carried the attack as they blame one another on the crime.

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