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Albukaiti: Summer Centers Brainwash Teens into Houthis’ Myths

Yemeni politician and freelance writer Ali Albukaiti has warned parents of sending their children to summer centers organized by Houthi rebels, saying such centers “pose a great danger” to the current generation as well as future generations.

“Teens will return from these summer centers after being brainwashed into believing in the myth of Houthis’ god-given right to rule and other reactionary concepts,” Mr. Albukaiti said on his account on Facebook.

He called on the Yemeni families to seriously consider the matter, otherwise there will be a day when they receive their children in coffins branded with the “Houthi’s cry.”

The Yemeni families must keep their children away from Houthis before it is too late, Albukaiti reiterated.

“These summer centers don’t provide sports for kids nor do they teach teens modern sciences or polish their talents. They are nothing but a gate to recruit teens and send them to frontlines,” he added.

Mr. Abukaiti sent a message to fathers and mothers stressing that they will be responsible for the consequences of sending their kids to such centers.

“If you send your kids to these summer centers, then don’t blame them when they stop listening or obeying you. You, parents, are the ones to blame for being naive and stupid that you did not protect your kids in the first place,” he warned parents.

Earlier this week, Yemeni officials and activists have accused Houthi rebels of aiming to recruit child soldiers by launching summer centers intended to instill Jihadi culture into under-aged teens.

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