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Yemeni Official: US Sanctions on Iran Undermine Houthis

Houthi rebels have been suffering since US administration imposed last month fresh sanctions on Iran, their main financier and supporter, a Yemeni military official said Sunday.

Assistant of Chief Service at the Yemeni Defense Ministry’s Counseling Departing Lieutenant General Khaled Al Karni affirmed that such sanctions have limited the rebels’ capabilities to mobilize and carry out military operations.

“Recent developments, mainly sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime, put a heavy strain on the Houthi militias,” Asharq Al-Awsat reported on Sunday quoting the military official.

Al Karni explained that the National Army is only 25 kilometers away from the capital of Saada province, which constitutes the principle stronghold of Houthis.

Iran has been accused of supporting Houthi rebels with finance, weapons, drones, and military experts – a charge Tehran denies.

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