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Father Kills His Own Daughters out of Destitution

Ali Abdullah Al Nuaimi, father of three young females, has drowned his daughters to death in a water tank in rebel-held capital Sana’a due to not being able to provide a decent life for his family.

Eyewitnesses said the father justified his crime saying that he could not bear to see his own daughters go homeless and decided to put an end to the misery they had been facing.

Local sources reiterate that the landowner informed the man to pay off the rent for the six months that he failed to pay, otherwise he would be forced to move out.

“I had nothing to feed my kids. For several months, we had nothing to eat but dry bread,” the father said during questioning.

Being asked why he did not fear God when killed his own daughters, the man replied, ” ask those non-god-fearing who deprived us of our salaries and forced us to live with humiliation.”

So far there are no confirmed details for the motive behind the murder; however, sources say that the man gave in to despair, for he could not endure to see his own kids suffer even more.

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