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The Use of Detainees as Human Shields by Houthi Rebels

The use of detainees and political foes as human shields is not a new tactic to be carried out by the Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

A new report released by Alsahwa Net has revealed that Houthi insurgents store weapons where they keep their detainees in the province of Ibb, which greatly endangers their lives.

Saudi military officials have repeatedly accused Houthi militia of using detainees and abductees as human shields due to holding them in places which are military targets for the Saudi-led coalition.

In 2015, journalists, politicians, and activists apposed to Houthis were found dead in military sites that had been targeted by the Arab Coalition.

The bodies of two famous Yemeni journalists Abdullah Qabil and Youssef al-Ayzari, were found in the rubble of a military positions in Dhamar in 2015. The journalists were found days after they had been abducted by the Houthis.

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