Houthis Abduct a Young Man in Sana’a

Hussain Abdullah Alrawhani, a young man, was abducted by Houthi rebels in the rebel-held capita, Sana’a, after being dragged into one of its police stations.

Alrawhani was dragged into a Houthi-run police station then to an unknown place, a family source spoke on condition of anonymity.

The source said that Alrawhani’s family is not aware of where he is nor does it have a clue about the reason for the enforced disappearance.

His father, according to the source, is coerced to keep silent, otherwise his son’s life will be endangered.

Alrawhani’s family holds Houthis accountable for the safety of their son and pleads an immediate, unconstitutional release of their son.

Hundreds of abductees  have been kept in Houthi-run prisons on unfounded charges while the rebels keep on abducting civilians and subjecting them to physical and psychological torment.

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