Houthis Mobilize Fighters, Dig Trenches in Hodeidah

In a new escalation, Houthi rebels started to mobilize fighters and dig new trenches in the port city of Hodeidah.

Heightening tension between the Saudi-led coalition and the Iranian-backed insurgents comes after Houthis have attacked Abha airport with cruise missiles this week.

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The Houthi group sent more reinforcement to the flashpoint city of Hodeidah and deployed more fighters in Bait Al Faqeeh, south the city, which is an indicator of the group’s will for escalation, military sources said.

The sources added that attempts to infiltrate into positions of the joint forces, progovernment forces, were foiled.

Houthis keep on constructing fortifications and barracks whereas the UN Committee in Yemen keeps a blind eye to these escalations, trying to legitimize the fake pullout of Houthi forces from three key ports in Hodeidah.

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