Yemeni Foreign Minister Resigns

Local and Arab media said today that Khaled Al Yemani, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the internationally recognized government, has officially quit in a resignation letter sent to Yemen President Abdurabo Mansour Hadi.

According to Al Arabia News Channel’s correspondent in New York, Al Yemani had already decided to resign, and made it official on Monday, with no further details.

Peacemaking process had gone a long way and it needed more “wisdom”, Al Yemani said earlier in a press interview citing that all crises throughout history were resolved and came to an end by talks.

Well-informed sources said that the minister’s resignation was due to reaching a dead end with Houthi rebels in implementing Stockholm Agreement on which he signed in late 2018.

No official statement or comment has been made by the Yemeni government to confirm or deny Al Yemani’s resignation.

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