Mostly Children, Scores of Civilians Killed, Injured in Taiz during Eid Holiday

June 9 (Republican Yemen) __ Dozens of children were killed and injured during Eid el-Fitr __ a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan __ by Houthi snipers and mortar shells in the southwestern province of Taiz.

The Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights said in a statement on Friday that at least 16 children were killed or wounded after being targeted by snipers and indiscriminate shelling on residential  areas in the city of Taiz during the past few days.

“The children were targeted with shells and snipers stationed on the outskirts of Taiz, the main exits of which have been besieged by the Houthi movement since August 2015, despite the fact that the city is mostly controlled by government forces,” the ministry stated.

“We call on local and international organizations to The ministry called on local and international organisations to document and condemn all crimes committed against the inhabitants of Taiz,” it added.

Children in the besieged Houthi-held city have been traumatized by daily artillery fire, rockets and anti-aircraft gun, aid agencies say.

The Iranian-aligned rebels started their unjustified attacks on civilians the last day of Ramadan, when they targeted a densely populated area in Al Masrakh district with a rocket- propelled grenade in southern Taiz, killing 2 children and wounding four others.

On Eid’s Eve, a sniper positioned in Alsalal hill shot Mohammed Emad dead and injured his parents, local residents said.

Amro Yaqop Ali,13, was the second child to be target by a Houthi sniper positioned in Alwash Mountain.

The kid, happy wearing his new clothes, was playing near his house when he was shot in the head, eyewitnesses said.

Amro was killed on the first day of Eid el_Fitr by a Houthi sniper

Basma Razaz Ghaleb, 12, died after sustaining serious injuries.

Medical sources said a bullet, fired by a sniper, went through her neck last Sunday, and she died in the hospital five days later.

Razaz Ghaleb bidding farewell to his young daughter who fell victim to a Houthi sniper in the besieged city of Taiz

Not only did Houthi rebels targeted children but also old women.

Jomana, 55, was also shot to death yesterday Osaifra neighborhood by a Houthi sniper. Her sister was also shot when she hurried to save Jomana’s life and was soon after taken to Al Safwa Hospital.

Taiz has been suffering from an unjust siege imposed by Houthi militia since 2015. Ever since, the Houthi militia have been committing heinous crimes against civilians amid silence among international human rights organizations.

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