AMIDEAST Suspends Activities in Sana’a due to Rebel Intervention

AMIDEAST, which has played a vital role in facilitating educational programs between the United States and Yemen for over 50 years, had to suspend activities following an intervention from the de facto authorities of Houthi rebels in Sana’a.

We are no longer able to provide educational services, as well as counseling, testing, training and program exchange services through our office in Sana’a, AMIDEAST said in a statement.

AMIDEAST assured that it will continue to provide these services to all Yemenis through Aden Office, which remains open, despite the difficulties facing those living far from Aden.

The educational foundation expressed hope that Sana’a Office would be reopened and that it would resume providing services for the Yemeni people.

Since the war broke our in 2015, Houthi rebels have occasionally arrested foreigner teachers working in educational institutes in Sana’a on unfounded accusations of spying for the United States.

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