Brutal Violations Committed in Hajoor, Report Released by RR

Rights Radar for human rights in the Arab world released on Saturday a report entitled “Hajoor: brutal violations” that sheds lights on heinous crimes __ some of which amount to war crimes __ committed  in Hajoor, a district located in the northern province of Hajja.

The Iranian-backed militia committed hundreds of violations against the tribes of Hajoor during the first quarter of 2019, including executions, killings in cold blood, arrests, torture, house bombingو and imposing a deadly siege, the organization said in its released report.

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The Netherlands-based foundation for human rights in the Arab world, Rights Radar (RR), said it recorded 2,055 violations against the tribes of Hajoor in Hajja governorate, ranging from homicide, physical assaults, kidnappings, forced disappearances, displacement, blowing up homes, and looting facilities.

Many cases of violations were documented using field sources, victims, and eyewitnesses, according to the report.

The 33-page report contains details of numerous cases of brutal killings, arbitrary arrests and torture, some of which have reached the point of death under torture.

The report is the first of its kind released by a human rights organization revealing egregious violations in Hajoor that has not been reached by media and human rights organizations.

Human Rights Minister Calls on the UN to Announce Hajour a Disaster Area

“We call on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to work hard and diligently to monitor and document the violations of the people of Hajour, so as not to lose their rights in vain and to ensure the impunity of perpetrators” the RR said.

 It also called on the Panel of Experts of the Security Council Sanctions Committee and the Human Rights Council Panel of Experts to pay close attention to these violations in order to put an end to such violations in  war-torn Yemen.

The Houthi rebels imposed a strangled siege on Hajoor – home to 100000 people – for more than two months after tribesmen took up arms against them in January. Ever since, the militia has been committing brutal crimes against the people of Hajoor, even after they took over the area.

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