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Houthis Torture Three Abductees to Death

Association of Abductees’ Mothers, an independent association, said three abductees from Hodeidah and Haja died of severe  torture conducted by the Iranian-backed militia.

Mohammed al-Masoudi, 35 years old, was kidnapped and forcibly disappeared  on April 19 until last week when the militia delivered his dead body to his family,  coercing  his family to bury it without having  a forensic doctor examine the body, the Association said.

Adel Ayash Mutari Mahbub, 27 years old, is another man died in Houthi-run prisons due to enduring unbearable torment. The militia handed his dead body to his family two years after his death.

Mahbub was abducted near his house in Zabeed, a district located to the south of the port city of Hodeidah, in May 2017. He was subject to torture and died three days later. Yet his family received his body last week, The Association affirmed.

Earlier this month, the Houthi rebels abducted Ali bin Ali Sakin in Haja, north Yemen. His family then found out that he was tortured to death and the rebels had secretly buried his body, according to Association of Abductees’ Mothers.

Reports indicate that more than 120 abductees have died of torture in Houthi-run prisons since the Houthi staged their coup and announced themselves a de facto authority in 2015, amid appeals for intervention to put an end to such abuses.

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