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YOCH: Four Female Prisoners Commit Suicide in Houthi-run Jails

Yemen Organization for Combating Human Trafficking (YOCH) has revealed that four female prisoners committed suicide, two of them during the past few days, in Houthi-run prisons due to enduring brutal abuse in Yemen rebel-held capital Sana’a.

The YOCH asserted in a statement it documented two suicide cases, one of them in a secret Houthi prison and the other one in the Central Jail during the holy month of Ramadan.

The reason behind committing suicide is, according to the organization, that they chose death over being tortured and defamed.

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The YOCH criticized the de facto authority of the Houthi group for refusing to respond to worldwide calls to stop its atrocious treatment against abductees held in prisons and let their families visit them.

Over 90 female prisoners were moved from secret prisons to the Central Jail, the organization said.

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