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Saudi-led Coalition to Launch Investigation into Off-target Air Strike

The Saudi-led coalition conducted raids on Houthi-led Sana’a, Yemen’s capital, on Thursday, targeting military sites of the Iran-aligned Houthis in the aftermath Houthi drone attacks two oil pipelines in Saudi Arabia earlier this week.

Thursday’s air strikes on Sana’a killed six people and wounded dozens, Houthi-owned TV Almasirah reported.

Yemeni activists expressed anger and condemned the bombing of a house in Alrakas area in Sana’a saying that the coalition has to take the sacredness of human life into account, not to cause civilian bloodshed.

They, however, said that Yemenis should always remember the Houthi rebels are to be held accountable, for they staged a coup and caused the war to break out in the first place.

The Saudi-led coalition announced the investigation of its airstrikes against Houthi military targets in Sana’a, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.

Turki al-Maliki, spokesman of the coalition, said in a statement that the findings related to a military operation conducted on Thursday in Yemen’s capital Sanaa were referred to the Joint Incident Assessment Team for probing the possibility of accidental civilian casualties.

The spokesman asserted the coalition’s commitment to the international law and the protocols of the military operations to ensure the highest level of responsibility and transparency.

The Houthi rebels, whose coup triggered the worst humanitarian crisis in the country, have never confessed a single crime of the their countless heinous crimes committed against civilians, the last one was the bombing of two houses in Taiz and Al Bayda two killed two families.

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The war in Yemen has been dragging on since the Houthi militia stormed the capital Sana’a and announced themselves the de facto authority in the country, ousting President Abderabo Mansour Hadi and his government from the capital. Saudi-led coalition, intervened out of Hadi’s request to restore state and liberate the country from the insurgents.

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