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Sniper Shoots a Worker Dead in Hodeidah

A worker at Ikhwan Thabet Complex was shot dead on Tuesday  by a Houthi sniper in the port city of Hodeidah.

Adel Abdullah al-Zubaidi, who was working at the complex, was shot in the head and died instantly, local sources said

This comes amid claims made by Houthis that they withdrew from key ports of Hodeidah, as the UN  says the withdrawal process goes according to plan.

The rebels violations and assaults in Hodeidah have not stopped since the beginning of UN-sponsored cease-fire in December.

Officials in the internationally recognized government described the process as a misleading act since it was carried out unilaterally and did not ensure joint monitoring and verification.

Despite the alleged withdrawal, the rebels continued in digging underground trenches, planting landmines randomly in and around farms or residential areas, and lately sniping residents, which paves  the way for another military escalation instead of the unilateral withdrawal, the officials said.


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Footage: Houthi Sniper Shoots a worker to death in al-Hodeidah

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