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MASAM & Yemeni Forces Remove Thousands of Landmines

MASAM, the Saudi Project for Landmines Clearance in Yemen, has announced it had eliminated 1,024 mines and unexploded ordnance planted by Houthi militia in a number of liberated areas during the second week of May.

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Director General of the Saudi mine clearance project Osama-Al-Kosaibi said mine clearance teams had managed to remove 210 anti-tank mines and 27 anti-personnel mines during the second week of May.

The field teams have removed 6,820 mines and unexploded ordnance since the beginning of this month which add up to 70539 since the project started its mission in last June, Osama-Al-Kosaibi said.

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In Saada, the engineering unit affiliated with the Yemeni Army, which is backed by the Saudi-led coalition, announced it had remomved and destroyed a large number of mines laid by the Iranian-backed rebels.

Col. Saif al-Salafi, the commander of the engineering battalion in the Saada axis, said in a press statement that the engineering team has destroyed 2500 mines in the liberated areas of Rshahp, Muhannak, Wadi Atifin and Ajashr.

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“We have also destroyed about 7000 mines in Alboaq and Al Aghashr desert during the past three months,” he added.

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