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Government Team in Redeployment Plan Informs Lollesgaard of Their Objection

Government team in Redeployment Plan  informed  Lt. Gen. Michael Lollesgaard, who heads a U.N. mission to monitor the deal, that they object the unilateral redeployment which they called a “withdrawal play”.

Ahmad al-Kokbani, a member of the government team in Hodeida  Redeployment Coordination Committee, confirmed that the team members met with General Lollesgaard and informed him of their objection against the so-called unilateral withdrawal of Houthi militia from Hodeidah ports, which began today under UN supervision.

The government team stressed that such an unilateral withdrawal that does not allow for joint monitoring and verification is completely unacceptable.

“The unilateral withdrawal process carried out by the Houthi rebels did not go with the Stockholm Agreement and was not subject to joint control by all parties of Redeployment Coordination Committee, which was established under Security Council Resolution 2451. the Government was excluded from the Committee, which was a breach of the terms of the Agreement,” said Ahmad al-Kokbani.

The UN Redeployment Coordination Committee  had confirmed that the rebels had offered an initial unilateral withdrawal from parts of Hodeidah, Salif and Ras Issa, to which Yemen government objected.

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