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Sanaa-based GPC Meets, Hadi Rejects Its Recognition

After the death of Ali Saleh, founder of the General People’s Congress (GPC), the GPC became split between members trapped in Sanaa and others loyal to their late leader.

The Sanaa-based GPC met in the Houthi-held capital on Thursday to confirm Sadiq Amin Abou Rass as head of the party and Ahmed Ali as his deputy.

Ahmed Ali Saleh, the eldest son of Yemeni former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, has not yet made any comment regarding his appointment.

The Houthis had killed his father in December 2017 shortly after he announced that he was ending his alliance with the militias.

President Abdo Rabo Mansour Hadi said decisions taken at the GPC meeting were made under threat of violence, a method that the Houthis have adopted against the people, political powers and Congress, according to Asharq Al-Awsat.

Hadi recalled Ali Abdullah’s murder by the Houthis, adding that the liberated Yemeni regions do not recognize the Sanaa meeting.

He added that GPC leaderships in Sanaa are being held hostage by the Houthis, urging the international community and human rights groups to intervene to halt the militias’ violations.

Observers said that the legitimate GPC was at a crossroads where it is obligated to regroup its members and thwart Houthi attempts to transform the party into its political arm.

Since Ali Abdullah’s assassination, GPC leaderships living abroad have failed in unifying their ranks and bringing in Ahmed Ali to their side.

Many of these leaderships told Asharq Al-Awsat that opportunities were still available to thwart the Houthi plot to take over the late ex-president’s political legacy.

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