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Another Abductee Dies of Injuries due to Previous Brutal Torture

Human rights sources have confirmed the death of Nashwan Muqbel Saif, who was abducted by the Houthi militia for almost eight months. Nashwan died last Monday ___ just two days after the death of abductee Hames Rajeh ___ sustained injuries in Houthi-run prisons.

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Association of Abductees’ Mothers (AAM) said Nashwan, a marginalized person, had been abducted in January 2018 in Alhawban, an area under the rebels’ control in Taiz.

According to AAM, Nashwan Saif endured ruthless torment in  Houthi-run prisons. Even though the victim was released eight months later, he continued to suffer severe pain as his health and psychological conditions deteriorated until he died on Monday 29 last April.

“Nashwan Saif, was electrocuted and beaten in the kidneys with iron tools which led to liver cirrhosis and kidney failure,” AAM reiterated.

The Association monitored 22 cases of abduction the militia carried out against the marginalized community, two of which were torture cases and four were forcibly disappearance.

Human rights reports indicated that at least eight abductees have been killed since the Swedish Agreement  regarding prisoners exchange between the Yemeni government and the Houthis.

Yesterday, the National Union of Journalists in the UK and Ireland (NUJ) has joined calls made by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) to demand the immediate release of 10 Yemeni journalists.

Despite the rise of international calls to free the 10 Yemeni journalists, right groups and international organizations keep silent towards violations against hundreds of other abductees.

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