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Families of Abducted Journalists Say They Endure Severe Torment

In a press statement, families of the ten abducted journalists affirmed that the journalists, who have been imprisoned by Houthi rebels since June, 2015, have been physical and psychological torture in Houthi-run National Security prisons in the capital Sana’a.

The families said they had been prevented from visiting the abductees and confirmed that the journalists are tortured during investigation sessions as well as being locked inside individual cells, after depriving them of their clothes and medicine.

“We plead to the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS), and the international rights groups and organizations to mediate to Houthis to stop their crimes and release our loved ones,” the families said in the press statement.

Following the press statement, YJS condemned torture of journalists and renewed demands for their release.

“We received a statement from the families of journalists detained in the National Security prisons in Sana’a for almost four years reveals that our colleagues have been subjected to torture and cruel treatment, which has led to the deterioration of their health,” the YJS stated.

The YJS warned that the rebels are to be held accountable for the lives of the ten journalists, who have been imprisoned on unconfirmed charges.

“We call on all Arab and international human rights organizations concerned with freedom of opinion and expression, especially the International Federation of Journalists and the Union of Arab Journalists, to continue their solidarity with our colleagues,” said the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate.

Despite the UN-brokered deal which stipulated prisoners exchange between the Iranian-backed militia and the internationally recognized government in late 2008, the implement of the deal is still impeded, with the warring parties accusing one another of not implementing the deal.


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