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US Department of State Condemns Houthis for Suppressing Religious Minorities

In a press statement, US Department of State has expressed deep concerns about mistreating, detaining, and torturing Baha’is, a minority group in Yemen, by Houthis.

“We are deeply concerned about credible reports that the Houthis continue to severely mistreat, arbitrarily detain, and torture Baha’is in Yemen,” said Morgan Ortagus, spokesperson for US Department of State.

The statement said yesterday that prominent Baha’i leader Hamed bin Haydara was sentenced to death on unconfirmed charges of alleged espionage and apostasy in January 2018 whereas Houthis refused to provide material evidence against him or release him, and most recently refused to rule on an appeal in his case.

prominent Baha’i leader Hamed bin Haydara

“While detained, Hamed bin Haydara has reportedly endured physical and psychological torture. The Houthis have targeted dozens of Baha’is with charges similar to those imposed on Hamed bin Haydara and other unfounded charges related to religious affiliation. This persistent pattern of vilification, oppression, and mistreatment by the Houthis of Baha’is in Yemen must end,” Department Spokesperson said.

According to US State Department Press Statement, Baha’is face discrimination and persecution on a daily basis a as they seek to practice their faith in Yemen and elsewhere around the world.

US Department of State stressed that freedom of religion is a fundamental human right and a source of stability for all countries, and that everyone has the righ to be free to practice their religion without fear of intimidation or reprisals.

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