Video Footage: Houthis Blow up Three Houses in Arhab

The Iranian-backed militia blew up last Saturday three houses in Arhab, north the rebel-held capital Sana’a.

Houthis raided the district of Bani Ali and blew up three houses, a local resident told Republican Yemen on condition of anonymity.

“It all began when residents from Bani Ali and Bani Ajeen were in dispute  over a piece of land. T

hen the people of Bani Ajeen called for Houthis to come and capture their adversaries,” the  source said.

Clashes erupted between Houthis and residents from Bani Ali which led to the killing of one member of Houthis who, in response to what happened, blew up three houses and arrested a number of the residents.

Arhab, located to the north of Sana’a, is considered one of the most areas that has suffered violations by the Houthi militia, for its residents reject to be subject to Houthis’ ideology.

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