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Yemeni Activists Question Transparency of Human Organizations

Sami Almaqtari

April 21 (Republican Yemen) __ A list of 96 local and international organizations has triggered wide controversy in war-torn Yemen, which is one step away from starvation.

The list shows that these organizations received 2,652,595,525$ in 2018 from donors to be spent in humanitarian aid for the Yemeni people in the impoverished country.

Despite what organizations boast in taking part in helping Yemenis cope with the humanitarian crisis, many observers and activists have wondered how such an amount of money does not play a vital role in affiliating the suffering of Yemenis, for poverty keeps accelerating and has exceeded 82%.

Lately, many activists launched a campaign on networking sites with a hashtag written in Arabic translated  “#Where_is_the_money.” The goal for the hastag is to put some pressure on these organizations to issue accurate reports on how they spend the donated money and that it went to those who need it the most.

According to activists, since 2015, over 10 billion dollars has been sent to Yemen by countries and donors, yet no more than 10% has reached the needy, poor people.

“What is happening is sort of “exploitation” and random work. How is it rational that 60% of the money goes to operating expenses?” wondered Nabeel Alsharabi, a researcher in economic affairs.

A Yemeni official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has confessed that there is corruption in terms of managing humanitarian aid. “Most of corruption takes places in areas under the control of Houthi militia,” he added.

On the other hand, some other activists said it is logical that these organizations spend some of the given money on salaries and operational activities. However, there is a need of transparency on how they do so.

Since the war broke out in 2015, the humanitarian situation has been deteriorating, with three quarters of the population in need of humanitarian relief.

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  1. Yemenis get a little from these organizations and the rest goes into a black hole. We need the war to stop and we will be fine

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