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Yemen:Thousands of Violations against Media Workers, Including 18 Deaths

Sada, a national organization for Yemeni journalists, said it monitored 4364 cases of violations against journalists all over Yemen.

In a conference press held today in Marib province, situated North Yemen, the organization said in its released annual report that 18 Yemeni Journalists were killed in 2008, Yemeni State Saba Net reported.

The report showed that 98.2% of the overall violations were committed by Houthi rebels.

Sada Organization warned that the rebels are to be held accountable for the lives of 25 journalists who have been held in Houthi-controlled jails since 2015.

According to the report, the imprisoned journalists live in miserable conditions and are being tortured by the Houthi militia.

Not only do international organizations provide the rebels with beds and pillows to be used in prisons but they also turn a blind eye to the crimes committed against prisons who have been imprisoned without committing a crime to be charged with, the organization wondered.

“We call on International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement(ICRC) to visit the journalists in prisons to see the miserable conditions they live in,” Sada Organization said.

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