Taiz: Political Parties and Their Rallies

By Sami Almaqtari

Taiz, the four-year besieged city, has been facing formidable challenges among the political parties over which is going to have the upper hand in the city.

While Houthis have imposed a siege on the city since 2015, the political parties in Taiz __  which are morally and logically supposed to be focused on siding with the internationally recognized government in its efforts to liberate the city __ are shamefully busy with their differences.

Today, pro General People’s Congress (GPC) organized a rally that called for unifying efforts to support the new Governor Nabeel Shamsan. Although the GPC rally has made it clear that GPC means to exhibit its patriotic objectives, some of its supporters have called for the exclusion of their rival parties, which clearly shows that they are unable to overcome their differences with other parties and sincerely unite for a good cause.

Today’s rally was not the first time a party had mobilized crowds of supporters; however, there have been a series of rallies over the past week: the Yemeni Islah Party and Nasserite Party also gathered their supporters, on separate occasions, and marched in the streets of the besieged city. Similarly, those parties, along with their loyalists tried to show good intentions, yet they failed to hide voices of discrimination and inclusion of other parties.

What is rather ironic is that after every rally, we hear a common sentiment that criticizes and accuses those rallies of being awfully useless, for the parties’ real objectives do not really serve the common good. Nevertheless, in the eye of the people, it is obvious that those parties aspire to only show off their crowds and prove to one another that they are the dominant force in the political arena.

The question that remains unanswered is “ will those parties ever leave their differences aside and make Taiz in particular and Yemen in general their top priority?” Taiz has long suffered from siege, armed manifestations, and heinous crimes, yet nobody seems to care.

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