Houthis Arrest Assistant Secretary-General of Raeduun Organization

The Houthi militia have arrested Ali Mas’ad Al-Aji, the Assistant Secretary-General of Raeduun Organization, for declining  to pay for the militia’s alleged “war effort.”

“Assistant Secretary-General has been held captive for refusing to fund the militia with an amount of ten million Yemeni Rails,” a source in the organization told Republican Yemen.

Raeduun for Sustainable Development, based in rebel-held Sana’a, has not condemned the Houthi act, nor has it revealed the circumstances of the arrest, which implies its willingness to negotiate with the Houthi militia and not make things worse.

In a report , posted on Facebook, the organization praised the accomplishments and roles of its Assistant Secretary-General,  an inference of him being detained.

 Relief organizations in areas under the Houthis’ control have been suffering from extortion as the militia tighten restrictions and impose funds to be made for its so called “war effort.”

Being a de facto authority, the militia have also enforced pro-Houthi employees inside these organizations to serve their interests.

Since the outbreak of the war in Yemen, the Iran-backed militia have been coercing many companies, factories, organizations, and national banks to fund their coup.

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