Government Team Threatens to Boycott Future Meetings with Lollesgaard

The Yemeni government team in the Redeployment Committee has threatened to boycott any meetings with Michael Lollesgaard, head of the UN Monitoring Committee, unless he puts pressure on Houthis to implement the UN-brokered deal that took place in Sweden in late 2018.

This came during a meeting that was held today morning between the team and Michael Lollesgaard, after Houthis hindered a joint meeting that was scheduled Friday morning in the port city of Hodeidah.

A bilateral meeting was supposed to take place yesterday. However the Houthi militia impeded the arrival of the head of the UN Monitoring Committee, which caused the delay of the meeting, according to local sources.

“Michael Lollesgaard asked us to be given more time to persuade the Houthis to attend the meeting today morning, yet they did not show up either,” a member in the government team said.

Consequently, the government team informed Michael Lollesgaard that they would boycott any future meetings until the Houthi militia stop evading  their responsibilities in implementing the UN-brokered deal, which they claimed they would comply with.


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