Army Spokesperson: Houthis Put 30 Business Figures under House Arrest

Col. Abdu Abdullah Mugali, spokesman for the Yemeni army, has accused the Houthi militia of putting 30 prominent businessmen under house arrest in rebel-held Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

“They (the businessmen) pleaded to the internationally recognized government to urgently find them a way out,” Col. Mugali told Alsharq Al-awsat.

“They are being threatened to be killed if they stop sending money to Houthi leaders under the so called “war effort,” he continued.

Col Mugali reiterated that the Yemeni government will work tirelessly on releasing those figures who are being held captive for no legal charges.

Businessmen _ in areas under the rebels’ control _ live in miserable conditions, some of them went bankrupt after the militia extorted them and took their money, according to Mugali.

He also said that the Yemeni legitimate government had succeeded in releasing some figures, including Parliament members, from the Houthis and moved them to liberated areas.

The Iranian-backed militia have been, since the coup in December 20014, coercing businessmen, merchants, private companies, and national banks to pay huge amounts of money under the so called “war effort” to support their lawless war in war-torn Yemen.

Tadhamon International Islamic Bank Halts Functioning due to Houthis Extortion in Yemen

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