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Following Failed Attempt to Advance, Houthi’s Mortar Kills 3 Civilians in Hodeidah

Since the announcement of a UN-brokered ceasefire agreement in December 2008, a great number of civilians have fallen victim to numerous violations committed by the Iranian-backed militia.

Two men and a child were killed today when a mortar shell fell on their way home in the town of Hays , located to the south of Hodeidah, eyewitnesses said.

Not far from Hays, heavy clashes erupted yesterday when the Houthi militia attempted to advance on the ground despite the ceasefire truce, leaving 5 dead, three rebels and two loyalists.

“The Houthis tried a surprise assault on our troops but we stopped them,” a military source from the internationally-recognized government told Reuters.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a doctor at Hodeida’s main hospital said medics had received the bodies of three rebel fighters, according AFP.

Another doctor at a government-run field hospital in Hodeida said two loyalists had been killed in the hours-long clashes.

During the past few weeks, many residents in Hodeidah Governate were reported to have been killed either by landmines and explosive devices planted by the Houthis or by mortar shells launched by the same militia.

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