Report: Houthis Demolished over 36 Historical Monuments in Al Jawf North Yemen

The phenomenon of looting and destroying archeological sites by Houthis is no recent news.

Since the Houthis stormed Al Jawf province – located to the north of Yemen- during the first quarter of 2014, many antiquities were reportedly looted and smuggled outside the country.

A human rights report has revealed that the insurgents destroyed 63 landmark sites after looting them, according to September Net.

The report said it documented a number of 1772 private properties and government facilities that were demolished and blown up by the militia.

In addition, the rebels destructed 6 health facilities and 35 schools, the report pointed out.

Al Jawf is well known for its historical monuments, for it was the center of many ancient kingdoms that flourished at the time.

The Houthis have been widely notorious for blowing up homes and mosques, and looting archeological sites.

Last month, a report conducted by the New York Times said the Yemeni government asked the U.S. to help it curb smuggling of looted ancient artifacts.

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