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Roughly 162 Female Abductees to Be Tried for Unproved Charges in Yemen’s Capital

The Houthi militia have abducted approximately 162 women for alleged prostitution in rebel-held Sana, Yemen’s capital.

Head of Human Rights Organization for Combating Human Trafficking ( HROCH ), Nabeel Fadel, cited that the number of the abductees has reached 162 so far.

Mr. Fadel said, on Tweeter, that the Houthi militia have abducted about 42 women since January 11, 2019 – to be added to 140 women, who had been abducted earlier.

He indicated that the abductees are being held in private houses and are told there will be trial for them.

” How come this militia accuse these women of prostitution while there are no men involved , nor is there conclusive evidence for the unproved accusations?” he wondered.

Mr. Fadel accused the Houthi group of charging these abductees with sex trade to cover the scandal of abducting women and justify their violations against the Yemeni women.

Some of the abductees have been held – with no trial – for a year or so. 5 women have been released recently after their health conditions worsened, according to Mr. Fadel.

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